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Patchwork Capital supports people who drive social and economic change through an entrepreneurial approach.

We invest in companies that help us move towards a resource-efficient and sustainable society through innovative ideas executed with high operational excellence while balancing social impact and profitability.

We call them GOOD companies…

In 2000, Patchwork Capital was founded by serial entrepreneur Dirk Schwartz, who has been active in Karlsruhe and Berlin for more than 25 years. Among others, Dirk founded Chrono24, where he was active as coCEO until 2016. Patchwork Capital has been a shareholder of the worldwide leading marketplace for luxury watches with more than 400 employees for more than 15 years.

Dirk Schwartz

Our subsidiary Schwartz FM supports us in our daily business. This family office focuses on administration, finance, and legal as well as real estate projects. Its team includes ten employees working at two locations.

HQ Team

We are also founder and sole shareholder of the interdisciplinary thinktank GoodThinks, where we develop solutions to do good through the optimal use of capital and technology. It also serves as a company builder for our other good companies.

GoodThinks GmbH

One of these companies is GoodSpaces. As a provider of modern and innovative co-working spaces, it seeks to have a positive impact on its customers’ work life and beyond. The headquarters of Patchwork Capital is also located within GoodSpaces’ flagship co-working space "Steamwork" in Karlsruhe.

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